The Ukrainian President is meeting his American counterpart soon, where it is expected that Zelensky will push for more American help.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is traveling to America on August 31 to meet U.S President Joe Biden and is expected to come with a list of wishes for future cooperation. Among other things, Zelensky is hoping to attract more investments to Ukraine’s titanium industry and is expected to push for a free trade agreement with its strategic partner. 

UBN writes that Ukraine is about to privatize the company United Mining and Chemical Company, a large titanium company, and see the U.S as a key player in the sector.

Zelensky is also expected to be asking for more American military support after the escalation near the frontline in Donbas in Spring, where Russia increased its military presence near the border and sparked tensions. Previously, Zelensky pushed for Ukrainian NATO membership, and it is also possible to be discussed. 

Biden previously said that Ukraine still has a lot of work to do before NATO membership can be an option, such as the country’s problem with corruption. 

“It’s very popular to accuse Ukraine of corruption — and it’s not that I hold these views only since I became president, but I’ve always felt offended by this,” said Zelensky to The Washington Post, “Because you know what? No country is free of corruption.”

Ukraine is seeking a free trade agreement with the U.S

Look at what is possible

In a recent article, Euronews wrote about the unlikelihood of a Ukrainian NATO membership due to several concerns in America about the Russian threat to the country, among other things. However, instead of focusing solely on something out of reach, journalist Mark Temnycky writes in EU Observer that Zelensky should focus on what is possible. 

Ukraine should still seek American support against Russian aggression and discuss NATO membership, writes Temnycky, but remember that many other things are important.

“Given that the current Normandy Summit and Trilateral Contract Group have stalled, Zelensky should request that the US and its experienced officials assist with the Donbas peace negotiations,” he writes and argues that Ukraine also needs to seek support from the U.S when it comes to battling corruption. 

“Finally, as a bonus, president Biden could use his meeting with president Zelensky as an opportunity to announce his nomination for the US ambassadorial position in Ukraine. The United States has not had an official ambassador to Ukraine since 2019,” he writes. 

“Overall, Zelensky has been presented with a unique opportunity to showcase why America should care about Ukraine. He will need to demonstrate that Ukraine is serious about eradicating corruption and that his country is making a valid attempt toward Western integration,” ends Temnycky.