The Ukrainian President believes that Ukraine will become a member of the EU at some point. It is just a matter of time. 

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said many times that Ukraine needs to become a member of the EU at some point. Due to the war in Donbas and the Russian annexation of Crimea, some have called EU-membership an illusion, but according to Zelensky, Ukrainian membership in the EU is not just a distant dream. 

“Today, we have coordinated actions to update the Association Agreement and further integrate Ukraine into the European Union. To this end, a very important document was signed – the Declaration on Support for Ukraine’s European Prospects,” Zelensky said in a meeting with representatives from Lithuania, according to Unian

“Ukraine in the European Union is not some distant dream out of science fiction. This is a strategic, achievable goal that we seek to realize as soon as possible by forming a broad coalition of the EU member states, which, in a good sense, will become Ukraine’s lobbyists on this path,” Zelensky said to the journalists. 

NATO also a priority

Ukraine is currently renegotiating its association agreement with the EU, which Ukraine hopes to expand to include much more products. It will be another step along the way for a Ukrainian EU-membership into the EU. However, it is not only about EU-membership; Zelensky also wants to become a part of NATO. 

“We signed the Technical Agreement on Ukraine’s accession to the NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence in Vilnius. This is another strengthening of our interaction with the Alliance. Of course, we also hope that Lithuania will support our efforts to obtain a NATO Membership Action Plan,” said Zelensky.

During the visit to Lithuania, Ukraine and Lithuania signed a deal to protect the two countries’ cultural heritage and historical memory.