Following in president Volodimir Zelenskys food steps, YouTube has shut down channels of oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk.

YouTube has shut down the pro-Russian tv Channels 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and Zik, that are associated with the MP and oligarch from Opposition Platform – For Life – Viktor Medvedchuk, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

The TV-channels can only be found in search, but the broadcasting has been stopped, meaning that the reach of the channels have been drastically reduced. According to Unian, the Ukrainian government has been trying to get this decision through to YouTube twice.

While the shutdown is good news for the Ukrainian government, who have sanctioned Medvedchuk and his associates heavily this year, the block is only in effect in Ukraine, according to Kyiv Post.

The three channels, 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and Zik have been quite well known to spread misinformation aligned with the agenda of the Kremlin. Right now, on 112 Ukraine, you can read an article about a NGO slamming the decision made by YouTube.

The NGO in question is Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech, an organization headed by Hanna Herman – the former spokeswoman an ally of Viktor Yanoukovich.

112 themselves hold no punches:

“Civilians are being shelled in Donbas every day, people are dying, when in Ukraine FIVE people received the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, while in Israel – FIVE million people, at a time when there is a shortage of diesel fuel in the country and at any moment the railway service might stop, when US officials openly declare the universal corruption in the Ukrainian government, the president and his minister are engaged in the fight against opposition YouTube channels? Isn’t this clownery? However, we elected as president you know who, so we got it…,” a press statement reads.