Yet another record: COVID19 cases surge

Foto: Unsplash

Today, another record breaking number of COVID19 cases has been registered in Ukraine.

Despite local lockdowns being imposed and more cities entering the red zone over the past weeks, the number of corona patients keep rising. Today it hit an all time high with over 18,000 registered cases.

Currently half of the Ukrainian population is living in red zones, where quarantine rules are strict and there is a high risk of contracting COVID19. The red zones are Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Sumy, Zhytomyr and Zakarpattia.

Among CEO’s asked by the American Chamber of Commerce, the three major concerns right now are their employees safety, vaccine scepticism and new lockdowns being imposed, according to Ukraine Business News.

300 daily deaths

It is the second day in a row, where the number of registered cases have broken a record. On Wednesday, the number of registered cases was 16,669, but today – counting the cases from yesterday, the number of cases was 18,132.

According to Kyiv Post, 326 people have died in the past 24 hours. The total number of fatalities is now 31,461 since the outbreak. Over 1.29 million patients have recovered since the pandemic came to Europe, but 293,000 cases are still active.

In the past 24 hours, 4826 people have been hospitalized, while 7,138 have recovered. 53,495 PCR, 22,760 ELISA tests and 42,832 rapid tests have been carried out over the past day, leaving a lingering fear, that the actual number of cases might be much higher.

Vaccine diplomacy hits rock bottom

Ukraine is largely dependent on the Serum Institute of India to supply them with vaccines. The Indian institute is producing a vaccine under license from Astrazeneca, and about one third of vaccinations carried out in Ukraine has been with the Indian vaccine.

However, the deliveries have been halted. According to UBN, India is suspending 75 percent of Ukraine’s order of 1.9 million vaccines. This happens, UBN writes, in part because of a uptick in cases in India.

More concerning is it, that the Chair of the Rada Health Committee, Mykhailo Radutsky from the Servant of the People, believes it to be because of “defamatory statements about India as a manufacturer of medicines.”

Around 18,000 people have been vaccinated the past day, which indicates that the process of vaccinating is picking up speed. However, a large majority of Ukrainians still do not want to be vaccinated.