Vaccination progress in Ukraine is starting to rocket

Arkivfoto: Emil Filtenborg.

The beginning of Ukraine’s vaccination campaign against COVID-19 was underwhelming, but now it is truly picking up speed.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is the thing most experts can agree will bring us out of the lockdown cycles of the corona virus. Despite this, Ukraine has been slow to vaccinate the population – even when they had a vast supply of vaccines. But this is starting to change now.

According to Ukraine Business News, Ukrainian healthcare personnel carried out three million shots in July alone, which is more than in the previous five months of vaccinations. A total of five million people have now been vaccinated. Two of those million people have even gotten the second shot, according to Kyiv Post.

Though the vaccinations have not proven to be a complete shield against the Delta variant of the coronavirus, they have been shown to lessen the risk of transmission and the severity of the symptoms. The Delta variant is expected to hit Ukraine harder this August, according to Ukraine Business News.

Still hovering

The daily number of new registered cases is still hovering around 1000 as of today. In the past day, 984 new cases were registered. 43 patients died from the disease, while 570 patients recovered. Naturally, with more people getting the virus than people recovering, the strain on the Ukrainian healthcare system is growing.

Still, Ukraine has a relatively low test frequency. In the past day, 22,533 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and 8,064 antibody tests were conducted across Ukraine. The majority of new cases appeared in the capital city Kyiv and in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, but because of the low test frequency there could be outbreaks we do not know about.

In August, Ukraine is receiving 5 million new doses of vaccines. 500,000 vaccines from Denmark arrived today.