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The US has warned the European Union about a possible attack on Ukraine from Russia because of the recent military build-up and escalation in Donbas. 

Since Ukraine used the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 strike drone to attack an artillery position in the Non Government Controlled Areas in Donbas, Russia have been sending soldiers to border areas in Western Russia. Now, The United States has warned the European Union of an imminent attack on Ukraine from Russia, Bloomberg reports.

There is no lack of tension between Russia and Ukraine. In addition to the permanent disagreement about Crimea and Donbas, the two countries are also in a dispute over migrants and energy politics. Nord Stream 2 remains a problem for the Ukrainian leadership, and the recent stop of coal exports is too.

Naturally, Washington is following the recent buildup of Russian troops near the Ukrainian Border, and according to anonymous sources, Bloomberg says that there is a real threat of a Russian attack. The information that is the basis of this notion has not been shared with Europe yet, writes Bloomberg.

Naturally, Russia denies having any aggressive plans. They accuse the US of provocations, because the US recently sailed warships into the Black Sea. Also the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has aired the idea that Russia might be seeking to “move further” into Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“We are extremely worried (…) But when you live next to Russia for seven years in an armed conflict, you kind of learn to be worried. You get used to it,” Kuleba said: “We do not want to scare anyone, but we have to remain vigilant.”