Foto: Emil Filtenborg.

The news agency Unian is closing the English part of their coverage temporarily, while they rethink their format. In the meantime, we suggest these alternatives.

Yesterday evening, Unian published a statement saying that they would “suspend work of its English-language editorial office,” but they “expect to resume operations of UNIAN in English in the near future.”

“For the time being, we believe that UNIAN’s English-language version, in the form in which it has prevailed throughout these years, has exhausted itself. And now is the time to consider a new concept and product format.”

While Unian is rethinking their concept, we have some alternatives for news about Ukraine:

Kyiv Post

Kyiv Post hardly needs any introduction. While it is essentially a local newspaper about the capital city, Kyiv Post also frequently writes about national and international politics as well. Their news stream can be inconsistent.

Some days they will have a lot of news fresh off the press, where on other days they will have very few, but in general the quality is good.

The agencies

Interfax-Ukraine is another news agency like Unian. They usually provide a steady stream of short news, but rarely venture into the core of the story. The same thing goes for Ukrinform, the state owned news agency. The ownership should be kept in mind when reading Ukrinform.

Another service that should be mentioned here is probably James Brooke’s Ukraine Business News.

The magazines

For stories with more depth but less frequency, you can stay right here on Ukraine Nu. We will continue providing you with the most important news and the context you need. There is also the online magazine Zaborona, that has done some very impressive investigative work during their time.

RFERL also frequently provide high quality material about the political situation in Ukraine, like today’s article about the head of the president’s office, Andriy Yermak, who is both being listened to by the West and the president, according to the article.