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Several Ukrainian startup companies are successful and have reached the magic 1 billion dollar valuation. You can see some of them here. 

The Ukrainian startup company, a company that is analyzing and optimizing sales for its costumers, has reached a valuation of 1.1 billion dollars after recently attracting more than 100 million dollars of investments, writes Kyiv Post

“I’m thrilled to share @ppl_ai has reached a $1.1 billion valuation w/a $100 million series D funding round. With revenue operations & intelligence gaining momentum, we’re primed to lead the industry,” wrote the company’s founder Oleg Rogynsky on Twitter has become successful after developing a program that can help companies find new clients, analyze sales, forecast sales, and even close deals. Among its customers are companies such as Zoom and Lyft, and the company is expecting to use the new investments to expand into new markets and develop its products. 

“We were looking for investors with the greatest access to money, so that after the initial public offering (IPO), they could buy our shares, maintaining the market price,” said Rogynsky recently, according to Kyiv Post, about his plans of going public. is the latest of many successful Ukrainian startup companies, which have reached a valuation of one billion dollars. Below, you can see a list of other successful companies with Ukrainian founders, which is growing out of Ukraine’s growing IT sector.


You might know about Grammarly already, which has taken the world by storm. The company was founded back in 2009 and is a cloud-based writing assistant, which helps you with everything from spelling, grammar, clarity, and punctuation – simply making sure that your emails and texts are up to date. It is doing a similar job as your spelling assistant on Word, but it is more developed and uses AI technology to identify mistakes. 


Another company founded by Ukrainians with colossal success is Gitlab. The company has created a single application for the whole DevOps lifecycle. It optimizes and visualizes your DevOps lifecycle and gives you a range of analysis tools. It tracks all issues as you go along and is easy to use, which has made it popular in several companies around the world. 


BitFury is doing some different things, but its main focus is to make the world more secure by using technologies such as AI, blockchain, bitcoin, and computing. Among other things, they are creating software, which is helping law-enforcement, banks, and others with teaching illegal activity using bitcoin. 


Revolut is all about money. The company offers currency exchange, debit cards, virtual cards, stock trading, crypto trading, and much more on its platform, which is easy to use and with a low price. They have around 5,000 employees and are expanding rapidly.