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It means that the future of a lot of lands owned by Ukrainians is not uncertain. 

According to several Ukrainian news outlets, Russia has decided to ban that foreigners can own land in Crimea. They refer to that the Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new degree, prohibiting foreign ownership in 19 out of 25 regions in Crimea. 

Ukrainian citizens own over 11,000 land plots, according to Unian

“If Ukrainian citizens did not transfer the rights to the land within the established timeframe, the occupying authorities will seize such property based on court rulings and transfer the funds received from sales of such land to the state or municipal authorities,” write Unian. 

Ukrainian ministry: Continuing the Russification of Crimea

Oleh Nikolenko, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry in Ukraine, has commented on the news. He says that the law is a “continuing the Russification of Crimea” by Russia and that Ukraine does not accept the Russian degree of ownership. 

“The violated rights of legal owners to land plots will be restored after the restoration of our state’s sovereignty in Crimea,” he said, referring to that Crimea was annexed by Russian back in 2014 after the Maidan Revolution. 

“The deprivation of Ukrainians of land ownership in Crimea will be in the focus of the Crimean Platform (designed to end the occupation of the peninsula and integrate it into Ukraine) and its inaugural summit this year,” Nikolenko added. 

Russian media not writing much about it

The story has attracted much attention in Ukraine, but it is not the same picture in Russia. The Russian news outlet Tass has, for example, focused on different topics related to Crimea in recent days. One article headlined, “Kiev seeks to copy Western countries by imposing sanctions, Crimea’s head says” is instead focussed on the continuing Western sanctions against the Russian occupation. 

“Media outlets are reporting about another round of ‘maximum sanctions’ that Ukraine imposed on my colleagues and me. This is how Kyiv… tries to copy its Western sponsors,” a Crimea leader said in the article, “no propaganda and no Western sponsors will be able to save (them, when) the Ukrainian people… decide to properly evaluate their actions.

Tass also focuses on that the citizens of Crimea are what they call a free and fair election decided to join Russia. The election is not seen as legitimate by Ukraine and the West.