Billede af Jolanta Dyr fra Pixabay

The greatest change to you may never see is coming on Monday, March the 15th. After careful deliberations on that day, changes the editorial language from Danish to English.

If your browser language is set to something other than Danish, you may only notice a slight improvement in the translation you receive.

This is because we at use Googles machine translations for the languages that our readers prefer. However, Googles translation works on a statistical basis, which means that it gets better the more text is translated between the two languages.

We want to increase the quality and accessibility of our coverage. While our focus is on the Scandinavian companies and markets, many Scandinavian companies in Ukraine operate using local employees in top management too, and we are not satisfied with the quality of translation between Danish and Ukranian.

To put it simply: Google translates more text between English and Ukrainian or any of the Scandinavian languages then it does between the languages themselves. The switch to English as the editorial language should increase overall quality for everyone, who prefer to read our articles in their own language.

On this basis and after listening to the input of our advisory board, representatives of the Danish Industry Association and the Norwegian – Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, we decided to make the editorial switch.

At our aim is simple: To bring the most balanced, relevant and current information of the highest quality on Ukraine to as many relevant readers as possible. We believe that this switch will contribute to doing so.

If you prefer to keep reading your news in a language other than English, you can click the flag in the bottom left corner of your screen to change it.

If you experience any issues with the translation settings, please do not hesitate to contact us.