Ukrainenu Business Club

Ukrainenu Business Club is a network of Scandinavian businesses that are – or want to be – engaged in Ukraine. The network is founded by, a web media that covers Ukraine for Scandinavia with an emphazis on news relevant to businesses.

A membership of UANBC giver you free access to all UANBC events.

As a member you / your company will get access to our six annual theme events. Membership covers one participant per event. If you would like one or more of your colleagues to join you, they get a 50% discount on their participation fee, when your company is a part of the network.

The discount does not apply to travel expenses and board.

Our events also focus on creating a strong business network that you can use in your day-to-day work.

We believe that good ideas arise, when people meet. That is why UANBC members share knowledge an experience on working in and with Ukraine, when we meet in the network, just as we make sure to increase our combined knowledge through insightful presentations from experts.

Our events are either held physically or as webinars. Until the summer of 2021, our events will all be as webinars. We will adapt the autumn schedule according to the vaccine roll-outs, restriction on gatherings and restrictions on travel.

You can read more about our events here.