Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

Ukraine has updated the regulations for both foreigners and Ukrainians travelling to Ukraine to stifle the pandemic even further.

There are new rules of entry for people flying to Ukraine. Unvaccinated people crossing the state border will have to install the Vdoma app 72 hours prior to entry and have a PCR test or antigen test with them, reports Ukraine Business News. Ukrainians not wanting to install the app will be observed for 14 days, while foreigners will be denied entry to Ukraine.

Ukraine is now one of the worst hit nations in the European area. Only the United Kingdom and Russia are registering more cases than Ukraine each day, however when counting their dead, Ukraine is second only to Russia with Romania coming in on a close third place, according to Reuters.

As of 9 A.M. this morning, Ukraine registered 20,791 new cases of the corona virus in the 24 hours prior. In the same time period, 386 patients died with the disease. 129,530 received their first dose of the vaccine. 48,200 finished their vaccination. In total, 15.7 million Ukrainians have now been fully vaccinated or have received the first jab.

Though the vaccinations have almost reached 20 percent of the population, the current wave of the virus seems to spread over the country completely unchecked. Ukraine is already above the rates of spread and the number of deaths that the country saw in the last wave, which was the worst yet.


One redeeming factor is the number of active cases. Seemingly, because of August and July being relatively quiet on the COVID-19 front, there has not been a lot of lingering cases of corona virus in Ukraine, which means that there are now a lower amount of active cases than there was during the last wave, despite the rate of transmission is higher now.

This has given the healthcare system a little breather, but the effect will diminish quickly over time as much less people recovers (or dies) than the country registers new cases. At the peak of the last wave, there were roughly 100,000 more active cases than Ukraine has currently (315,000).