Foto af Hakan Nural hos Unsplash

Ukraine is getting ready to put a little more back into the combat against COVID-19 with new restrictions for cities in the yellow zones.

The number of new registered daily cases of corona virus seems to have stagnated around 13-14,000 cases a day. Just today, 13,206 new cases were registered, 436 patients died and 2764 were hospitalised. Though almost twice as many people recovered, Ukraine is getting ready to put the public under more restrictions.

From tomorrow, December 6, regions and cities in the yellow zones will wake up to harder restrictions. Businesses will only be able to stay open, if their employees and guests can prove that they have been either vaccinated, have a negative PCR test from the past 72 hours or a certificate of having recovered from the virus recently, Kyiv Independent reports.

Without these documents, people will not be able to go to bars, restaurants, cafés, and they are banned from religious, social, sports, entertainment and cultural events. Also the doors to theatres, cinemas, gyms and museums will be shut. Fines for businesses breaking these rules are ranging from 1,200 USD to 6,200 USD.

The most essential shops like supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open. Around 28.5 percent of the Ukrainian population have received either the first or both doses of the vaccine. Still vaccine scepticism has a strong foothold in Ukraine, with around half the population refusing to take the vaccine, even if it is offered to them for free.

Around 3.5 million people in Ukraine have been registered with the corona virus since the outbreak of the pandemic. Of them, 88,000 have died with the virus. Still test and trace systems in Ukraine remain limited. 16 million tests have been performed since the outbreak. It is enough to have tested half the population once in the soon to be two year period.