Foto af Yaroslav Maltsev hos Unsplash

COP26 in Glasgow had 23 country governments promise phasing out the use of coal. Ukraine was one of them.

The planet is almost saved! The leadership of Ukraine and 22 other countries have promised to stop using coal and leave it in the ground to stop global warming. Unfortunately, 60 percent of the worlds coal consumption takes place in China, US and India. None of these countries signed the petition.

Ukraine’s transition to green energy is challenged by several different factors. First of all, 30 percent of the country’s energy comes from coal. Second of all, entire cities in Eastern Ukraine are dependent on their local coal mines. Though they are unprofitable, closing them would displace thousands of people.

Thirdly, there is currently a big conflict between the Ukrainian state and government on one side, and the producers of green energy on the other. The government previously lowered tariffs for green investment without prolonging the guaranteed buy agreement, meaning many investments became less profitable.

Ukrenergo, the state electricity operator has since racked up an enormous debt to Ukrainian green energy providers, which has amounted to a lack of trust in Ukraine from green companies. Currently, Ukraine already has a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 35 percent of 1990 levels by 2030.