Foto: Emil Filtenborg.

The Ukrainian government has closed the State Architectural and Building Inspectorate after years of corruption allegations.

A “corrupt tick” and the “root of corruption.” This is what President Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal called the State Architectural and Building Inspectorate. Therefore it is not surprising that the bureau has been shutdown after 18 months of preparation, reports Kyiv Post.

The grey market of issuing building permits was around 3.7 million USD in January 2020 according to the previous Prime Minister, Oleksiy Honcharuk. There are strong allegations against the bureau, who are accused of issuing permits to the people, who paid them under the table instead of considering city planning concerns.

The government has fired all 198 members of staff and promises not to rehire any single one of them for the new State Inspection of Architecture and Urban Planning bureau, which according to the government, will have a new structure and team.

Might make it easier

If the government will be successful in establishing a new, transparent and productive system for issuing building permits, this will be very good for businesses who are looking to expand but not willing to bribe their way through the system. One of these businesses is the Danish pig producer, Goodvalley.

Since the times of Viktor Yanukovich, they have been struggling with acquiring building permits. According to Tom Axelgaard, the man behind the Goodvalley brand, money had to be sent to the administration in Kyiv, before the process of issuing would be started, he told Ukraine Nu in a 2020 interview (in Danish).

“Some people shake their heads and tell us, that it is ridiculous (not to pay bribes). That we could have gotten a lot further, if we had used the same methods. They may be right, but we are simply not going to,” said Axelgaard