The Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at the meeting in Brussels. Press photo.

The aim is to increase trade between the countries and work together towards better European integration of the Eastern Partnership initiative. 

During a visit to Brussels, the Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal met with his counterparts in Georgia and Moldova to discuss the countries trade relations, security in the region, and healthcare, reports the Ukrainian government

Shmyhal explained that the three countries have a lot in common when it comes to deepening their integration with the EU and developing their partnership. 

“In this regard, we expect the European Parliament to make appropriate recommendations to the EU institutions in its annual report on the implementation of the Common Security and Defense Policy for 2021,” said Shmyhal after the meeting. 

He added that the EU and the three countries can help each other in areas such as healthcare to identify threats and deal with them. 

“We must be on the same side if there is a new crisis. Together, we can make the pan-European response to future health issues more consolidated,” said the Prime Minister.

Focus on trade

Shmyhal also said that the three countries have a lot of potential in trade. Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine are all part of the EU’s Eastern Partnership, which also includes Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It aims at strengthening political and economical cooperation. 

In 2020, the countries agreed to work together in areas such as economy, strengthening security and accountability, climate, digital transformation, and creating inclusive societies. 

The Scandinavian countries play a big role in the support and development of these countries. Denmark, for example, also has the Danish Neighbourhood Programme, where most of the economic support goes to Ukraine. One of the main targets of the program is to help Ukraine in the energy sector with energy security and green energy. 

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod underlined back in August 2021 the importance of Ukraine. 

“Ukraine is at the frontline of democracy. A country determined to put an end to oligarchy and corruption. A country still occupied by Russia. Ukraine is probably the most challenged European country, but also a country with an enormous potential and a people struggling for a free, democratic and peaceful future. Denmark resolutely supports this. We must recognize the importance of youth engagement in the development of our societies, and the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House will be a significant incubator for democracy, youth rights and cultural cooperation in Ukraine,” said Kofod, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs