The Diia website

The Ukrainian government wants to develop their app Diia into a center for investments and a marketplace for financial products. 

The Ukrainian government has big ambitions for the governmental app Diia and recently revealed new features. Before, the government’s app Diia was primarily a place to store documents and IDs but it will now add a business section with the aim of becoming a marketplace for financial products and a place for investors to find investment opportunities. 

According to the news agency Ukrinform, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration Valeria Ionan said that the business function will collect all financial opportunities in Ukraine and investment possibilities. The app will, for example, collect possibilities from more than 60 programs at both state and international levels. 

“At Diya.Business, entrepreneurs will be able to assess their readiness to attract compact investments and apply for it. Potential investors will be able to invest in a specific project with the help of the platform,” said Ionan, according to the news site. 

Furthermore, she said that the app also will have data on the status of Ukrainian businesses, which will make it possible to analyze their state and sectors of the economy. Ionan also added that the app and website should evolve into a place where entrepreneurs can participate in several free online courses and access different digital services. 

Also possibilities for farmers

The Ukrainian Ministry for Agrarian Policy and Food revealed that the Diia app for business also will include information about the landreform, which was introduced this year and opened for the sale and purchase of agricultural land in Ukraine. 

“Land reform was conceived and implemented on the basis of three basic principles that we wanted to guarantee Ukrainians: to own, use and dispose of their land. On July 1, 2021, they received this right. Today we do everything to ensure that this right is exercised transparently, accessible, clear, easy, and as complete as possible. Every Ukrainian should know what opportunities the land reform and, in particular, the land market have opened up for him. And to be able to fully realize these opportunities,” said Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko to the Ministry’s website

In the app, Ukrainians will be able to see opportunities for land ownership. You will register as either ‘ a landowner’, ‘a buyer’, or ‘a tenant’ and find answers to your questions. Such as what price to take for your land, who might be interested in it, and what taxes to pay. 

The steps are part of the plan to make the landmarket more accessible. 

“The land market opened on July 1 and is currently in a passive state. Now, despite all the restrictions, 2.5 times more people want to buy land than want to sell it. At present, more than 48,000 agreements have been concluded within the land market,” said Taras Vysotsky, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, recently

After 30 years of waiting: The landreform is here