Terms and Conditions

Subscription content

Ukrainenu can change delivery format and the subscription content. Prior notice will be given according to current legislation.


The subscription price will follow the at any time valid price list that will feature on Ukrainenu.com. Subscriptions sold as part of a campaign will renew following the valid price list. Ukrainenu reserves the right to adjust prices and fees. Prior notice will be given according to current legislation.


Payments are in advance and must be made with a credit card. Credit card information are handled safely via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. By paying with a credit card you also accept automatic renewals from your account. It is your responsibility to update your credit card information. If you have not completed payment in due time, a notice will be sent out with an additional fee of 100 DKK (approximately 13.5 EUR). Continued failure to pay will result in legal action.


After purchasing a subscription, you have 14 days cancellation. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must notify Ukrainenu within 14 days from your purchase. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you will be charged for products delivered until the time of cancellation.


The subscription is continous until it is terminated. The subscription can be terminated on your account at any given time before the end of the subscription period. A subscription continues actively with product delivery in the termination period.

Complaints and renumerations

Complaints must be adressed to Ukrainenu within a reasonable time after the error in question arises. No renumerations will be provided for losses during this period.

Customer surveys

According to legislation you can be offered to participate in market surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and evaluations of buyers experience at Ukrainenu without previous consent, as this type of communication is exempt from the ban on spam.

Force majeure

Ukrainenu is not liable towards you and does not compensate for lack of delivery of our product if the delivery problems are due to force majeure. This can be – but is not limited to – war, fire, weather or natural disasters.

Limitation of liability

Ukrainenu is in no way liable to you for loss of profit, loss of savings or any other indirect losses or damages due to your use of the product sold or of the lack of ability to use the product.

Data protection

Information on former and current subscribers is stored and treated with confidentiality for possible later use in accordance with current legislation. Ukrainenu use personalized cookies to optimize the informaiton you are presented with (ads, content, searches etc.).


Any content provided under these terms and conditions are proteced by copyright and can not be copied or distributed. Digital content are provided for your viewing and is for personal use only.