Foto: Unsplash

The Minister of Health, Maxim Stepanov, has asked the capital city Kyiv to step up the quarantine and curb spread of virus.

According to Unian, the Ukrainian Minister of Health, Maxim Stepanov, has asked Kyiv and Vinnytsia to strengthen the quarantine restrictions, trying to curb the spread of the COVID19 virus.

Both cities are close to reaching the red risk level, meaning that they will be forced to step up quarantine measures. If Kyiv reaches the red risk level, it would also mean that Ukraine as a country is closer to going into a full lockdown again, as the minister said earlier.

Currently the quarantine is in many ways invisible in Kyiv. Hundreds if not thousands gathered for Masnitsya on Sunday, the cafés are lively and restaurants and bars are still open – some even breaking the rules, staying open past eleven at night.

Last week, Stepanov said that Ukraine would have to enter a full lockdown, if the number of regions in the red zone exceeded 12 out of 24. He has since reformulated this threshold to be between 50 to 70 percent of the regions.

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