We are entering spring, and while nature is also livening up, so are the COVID19 statistics.

Tomorrow, after one and a half month, the lockdown in Kyiv will end just in time for Easter and the holidays of May. Kyiv is not alone in improving COVID 19 numbers. The rest of the country is following suit. Odesa and Lviv are also seeing easing of restrictions.

Last month, the highest number of daily registered cases was around 20,000 cases a day. Today, that number is halved, according to Unian. In the past 24 hours, 10,072 new cases of COVID19 were registered.

The number of hospitalizations have also decreased dramatically. From 48,000 in early April, according to the Kyiv Post, to 36,000 in late April. While these numbers are dropping, vaccinations are also picking up.

Vaccination spree

On the 28th of April, Ukraine vaccinated 70,000 people in one day after a slow start to the campaign, where an average of 15,000 people got the jab a day. This might mean that the vaccination campaign is finally setting off.

Nine Ukrainian regions remain under lockdown: Kyiv Oblast, Zhytomyr Oblast, Zaporizhia Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, Poltava Oblast, Sumy Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast, Khmelnytsky Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast.

Unfortunately, the main supply of vaccines to Ukraine is the Indian AstraZeneca vaccines, but because of the outbreak in India, which is currently one of the worst outbreaks in the world, the supply is delayed.

By the day, travelling to Ukraine is getting more and more responsible. While retail has had a good economic year, the hospitality and tourist sectors are still struggling with the lack of foreign tourists.

But already now, it is fairly easy to go to Ukraine. The country requires a negative COVID19 test, but other than that there are no strict requirements. Now, Ukraine hopes to attract foreigners with low prices, good weather (soon, hopefully) and easy access from Europe.