Foto af Martin Adams hos Unsplash

The construction of the Nord Stream 2 gasline has been resumed in Danish waters.

According to Unian, the construction of Nord Stream 2 has resumed. The process of construction have reached Danish waters and are nearing completion, albeit delayed by quite some time.

It is another sign of returning to normalcy for Russia after a month of rattling sabres at the Ukrainian borders in Eastern Ukraine, and while the gas line has few friends in Eastern Europe, the friends it does enjoy are strong and unwilling to halt the work.

While Poland, Lithuania, the US, Canada and Ukraine are heavily opposing the gas line, Germany who is the destination for Nord Stream 2, are pushing on with the project despite of the recent conflicts with Russia including Navalny and the situation in Ukraine.

Hard blow to Ukraine

For Ukraine, it is a hard blow. Nord Stream 2 makes Ukraine less important as a transit country for Russian gas, which in itself will cost them billions of dollars, because they cannot charge Russia for the transit anymore.

This weakens Ukrainian interests in the European Union’s field of energy policies, and Ukraine are very adamant about how the pipeline will make Germany even more dependent on Russian gas. A view shared strongly by countries like Lithuania and Poland.

Yesterday, Paul Grod – the president of Ukrainian World Congress – wrote in Kyiv Post: “The completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is a serious threat to peace and security in Europe. War in Ukraine and Eastern Europe will draw in all the Euro-Atlantic countries. Russia’s continued intimidation, deceit, and disregard for international law demonstrate that its leadership cannot be trusted and must be contained. We call upon the international community to unite and block Nord Stream 2.”

The US authorities have repeatedly tried to sanction the project into a full stop, but it has been largely unsuccesful.