Foto: Emil Filtenborg

The prices on real estate in Ukraine are soaring at the moment for both warehouses, offices and apartments.

The prices on offices, warehouses and apartments are rising in the biggest cities in Ukraine. During the first half of 2021, the pricce of office real estate in Kyiv increased by 18.4 percent, Ukraine Business News reported.

Office rent also increased in the capital, though only by 13.3 percent, while office rents actually fell across the country on average. It temporarily debunks the theories about COVID 19 changing the way we work would also mean office space would become less valuable as more people would work from home.

Lviv is in a very similar situation on the rent price hikes, but in terms of buying office space, the prices rose by a whopping 29 percent to 1,210 USD per square meter. It is still roughly half the price of a Kyivan square meter which sits at 2,269 USD.

Booming e-commerce has also sent the prices on warehouses skyrocketing in Lviv, Kyiv and Dnipro where the prices on buying square meters for storage grew by 40 percent in Lviv, 31 in Kyiv and 27 in Dnipro, reports UBN.

Apartment prices across Ukraine rose by 16 percent since the start of last year, UBN reported based on a OLX Real Estate study. In Kyiv, prices rose by more than the 16 percent average. Prices increased 22 percent in the capital city, which is also by far the most expensive market.