Foto af Martin Adams hos Unsplash

EU might throw sand in the wheels of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, effectively halving the capacity of the newly constructed pipeline.

A German court has ruled, that Russia might only be allowed to use half of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline capacity. Because of EU regulations, half the pipeline’s capacity will have to be auctioned to third parties because of monopoly regulations, Kyiv Post writes.

Naturally, this has been well received in Ukraine, who has been opposing the pipeline  for the entire duration of the project. Nord Stream 2 will make the gas transit from Russia to EU through Ukraine obsolete and that, in turn, will cost Ukraine a lot of money.

“And now our main battlefield will be just around applying these European rules to all pipelines that combine Russia and Europe,” Yuriy Vitrenko, the head of Ukrainian Naftogaz posted on Facebook.

As of now, the Russian energy giant Gazprom are the only ones who are to send gas through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. By the looks of it, they will not be allowed to fully utilize this though, but the court decision is not necessarily final and might be overturned at a later state.

Ukraine and Russia have an agreement to 2024 that guarantees that Russia will transport a minimum of 40 billion cubic meters of gas through Ukraine each year. They are also required to pay Ukraine at least 7.2 billion USD until 2024.