Picture of how it will look inside the park in the shopping center. Press photo

The shopping mall is over 300,000 square meters and is one of the largest innovative shopping centers in Europe. 

Several shopping centers have been constructed in Kyiv recently, and a new one just opened this weekend and is attracting a lot of attention. The Respublika Park shopping mall is a total of 300,000 square meters and has a large entertainment center, which makes it one of the largest shopping malls in Europe. 

“The main goal of our ambitious project is to offer visitors a new format of shopping, the culture of recreation and entertainment, as well as unique gastronomic experiences. We did not spare investments in the implementation of the most progressive solutions. Our USP is all in one location! At Respublika Park, we will be able to surprise the most demanding guests, and we are sure that they will come back to us again and again,” says Julia Shchaslyva, CEO of the mall, to perild.com.

Respublika Park will have a rental area of 135,000 square meters and 500 stores, a 10,000 square meters digital amusement park, and 50 restaurants. It is located right next to Teremki Metro station and will have a large park in the middle. 

A step into the future

Respublika Park is said to be the most innovative shopping mall in Kyiv, which has seen several new shopping malls in recent years. They are expecting to have 60,000 visitors per day to explore its many shops, entertainment options, and restaurants.

For example, Respublika Park has the largest Multiplex cinema in Kyiv and the largest Silpo supermarket as well. However, more than anything, the mall is attracting attention for its ‘Oasis’ area – a sort of park – in the middle of the shopping center with plants, fountains, and recreation areas. It is 2,000 square meters. 

Furthermore, the mall will have a wind tunnel, which will be the first in Ukraine. It is 16 meters tall and will be ready to give visitors a chance to fly. It will be located in the parks entertainment sector of 10,000 square meters, which with time is promised to have something for everyone using virtual reality technology. 

“At Respublika Park, we will be able to surprise the most demanding guests – and we are sure that they will love us and will come back to us again and again,” said Yulia Schastlivaya, General Director, according to the news site.