Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash

Vaccinations are slow, but Ukraine hopes to accelerate the process.

Over one million Ukrainians are now fully vaccinated, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. An additional 1.1 million Ukrainians have received their first dose and will be fully vaccinated when they receive their second dose shortly. 

Ukraine has around 40 million inhabitants, which means that only around six percent of Ukrainians have received their first dose, much less than in Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, or in the Scandinavian countries. 

Still a slow progress

Kyiv Post writes that Ukraine has vaccinated 104,680 people in the last 24 hours, where 42,029 received their first dose, and 62,651 received the second shot. It is much higher than previously, where only around 10,000 were vaccinated daily. 

However, with the current pace of around 100,000 vaccine shots per day, it will take approximately 700 to 800 days before everyone in Ukraine is fully vaccinated. At that time, many would need to get a new vaccination as the effects of the vaccine fade over time. 

People over 60 are now getting offered the vaccine in Ukraine plus pensioners, people with chronic diseases, and staff at detention centers. Furthermore, people working for international companies in Ukraine are also often offered vaccination. 

Ukraine is currently vaccinating with Pfizer, Sinovac, and AstraZeneca and is expecting to receive new doses of Pfizer and Moderna soon. Denmark has also said that it will send many AstraZeneca vaccines to Ukraine, but it is unclear when they will arrive.