About UkraineNu

Ukrainenu.com is a not-for-profit media. Our mission is to broadcast credible information and news with the aim of increasing knowledge of Ukraine in Scandinavia and among Scandinavians.

We are founded in Denmark and that is why we are subject to the Independent Danish Press Board.

We supply news in a new (old) way.

The Scandinavian media market is increasingly shaped by Google, Facebook and other social media. Advertising income has moved away from the traditional print media as the option of targeted online adverstising has risen. That is visible in the quality and quantity of media foreign correspondance.

It is expensive to have correspondents across the world. When the traditional media expenses have to follow the falling income, we as a region and population lose knowledge about the world around us.

It is a challenge to our democracy and a loss for our businesses.

Ukrianenu.com is founded as a not-for-profit media initially funded by a group of business active in Ukraine. The companies have realized that their success is conditioned on Scandinavians understanding Ukraine as a country and as a market.

We have also been partly funded by donations. For full transparency and in compliance with Danish law, click here for the full overview of donations.

Our aim is simply to increase Scandinavians knowledge of Ukraine. Increase knowledge of the challenges and opportunities Ukriane represents.

Because Ukraine have so much to offer Scandinavians as a tourism destination, as a business partner and as a market.

For the benefit of Scandinavia and Ukraine.