Champagne in a glass. Photo by Big Dodzy on Unsplash.

It might be a slow festival season this year, still Odesa Wine Week is back on the menu for the hobby sommeliers out there.

It’s spring, the last region of Ukraine has left the red quarantine zone and here and there plans for public events are starting to emerge with cautious hopefulness. One of them is the Odesa Wine Week that is will be held from May 18 to May 23.

It is the first time the event will take place, and the goal is to promote Ukrainian wine as a serious international brand as well as injecting Ukraine into the global community of wine producers and consumers, according to a press release.

A wide of industries and professions will be precent at the Odesa Wine Week, from wine experts, scientists, winemakers to representatives from national and international wine associations, the tourism industry and producers of products related to wine.

The program will be both online and offline for people in Odesa. The main venues are the Premier Hotel Odesa, Laboratory of Sensory Analysis of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies and Odessa Film Studio.

Unnoticed sector

The wine culture in Ukraine has existed for thousands of years, yet it is still under developed and goes widely unrecognized around the world. Ukrainian wine has primarily been a thing on Crimea since it came under Russian control under Catherine the Great.

In general, the areas at the Black Sea around Odesa and the Crimean Peninsula are the main areas of viticulture in Ukraine, but sparkling wine is also being produced in some of the frontline cities in Eastern Ukraine like Bakhmut, where Artwinery are doing double fermentation of sparkling wines.

Lately, both exports and production of wine in Ukraine has increased, but Ukrainian wine is still not a big international brand. Looking West to countries like Hungary and Croatia, Ukraine has a large potential for wine tourism in the future, if the country manages to copy the success of those countries.