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Lviv and Kyiv are alreaady considered red danger zones as COVID19 tightens grip. Now Odesa is following.

From today, Odesa is a red zone. Due to a higher mortality rate among residents and medical workers and an increase of cases in general, the local administration has decided to place Odesa in the red danger level, according to Interfax.

This means, that further quarantine restrictions will have to be observed in the Black Sea city, involving restrictions on restaurants, bars, shops, cafés, gyms, cultural events and venues and shoppping centers.

According to Interfax, the amount of new cases registered by the regional state administration has doubled over the past week. Odesa have for long been a COVID19 haven, where people have been walking around without masks, ignoring a lot of quarantine measures.

But it seems, that those days are over, if you trust the Head of Odesa Regional State Administration, Serhiy Hrynevetsky here quoted by his press aid:

“I have instructed law enforcement agencies to take harsh measures to identify violations of non-compliance with the norms and requirements of restrictive measures in the ‘red’ level of epidemic danger,”

Odesa has the highest number of registered cases the past 24 hours.

11,000 new cases

In the past 24 hours, Ukraine has registered 11,476 new cases of the corona virus. In the same time period, 333 people have died with the disease and around 8000 people have recovered, meaning the total amount of sick people have risen by approximately 3000.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1.5 million people have officially been tested positive for corona virus and 30,431 people have died either from or with the disease, that started spreading roughly one year ago.

The past day 2519 people have been hospitalized in Ukraine. The numbers are from Ukrinform, the state news agency, who has taken them from the minister of health, Maxim Stepanov.

For some reason, the number of tests are omitted from the text, leaving extra uncertainty about the validity of the numbers.