Soon, all adult Ukrainians will be able to get vaccinated, the government says. 

Fears of the Delta-variant have hit Ukraine, but the number of daily Covid-19-cases remains fairly low, according to the official numbers from the government. Ukraine registered 1,353 new cases yesterday, which is an increase since July but still much lower than what was seen earlier in January during the last peak with the severe lockdown. 

The total number of cases in Ukraine since the pandemic started is now more than 2.2 million, and the total number of deaths has reached 53,238. In the last 24 hours, 21 have died, and 791 patients have recovered from the virus. 

The Delta-variant is much more contagious and dangerous than other strains of the virus, which has made experts worried about the Covid situation in Ukraine. Despite this, the numbers have not been accelerating rapidly yet. It could be due to many Ukrainians being immune, said Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, recently. He claimed that up to 40 percent of Ukrainians are resistant. 

Vaccination is in the final stage

The government is also pushing for vaccination to control the virus and prevent a new lockdown in the future. In the beginning, vaccination was slow due to the lack of vaccines, vaccine skepticism, and inefficacy, which lead the government to change the ministry of health earlier this year. 

7.2 million Ukrainians have received at least the first dose of the vaccine at this point, while the number of fully vaccinated people is 2.6 million people. Ukraine is vaccinating around 160,000 people per day. Like in other countries, Ukraine has opened for vaccination in segments, allowing the most vulnerable, healthcare workers and military, to be vaccinated first. From July 21st, Ukraine, however, went into a new phase. 

Health Minister Viktor Lyashko revealed that every adult Ukrainian now can get the vaccine at any of the vaccination centers around the country. Ukraine is currently vaccinating with Pfizer, Sinovac, Moderna, and AstraZeneca. Vaccination with Johnson & Johnson will also begin shortly, according to the health authorities. 

A problem for Ukraine is that up to 60 percent of its citizens are skeptical of vaccination and don’t want to be vaccinated, according to AP.