Foto: Emil Filtenborg

Soon, Danish companies with an interest in Ukraine and vice versa will have yet another chamber of commerce to go to for help.

Ukraine is starting to turn the head of many companies, interested in producing at a lower cost close to the European market. However, for some, investing in Ukraine comes with a lot of questions.

That’s why a new chamber of commerce is on its way. The chamber of commerce is going to be headed by Antonina Leth Møller, a native Ukrainian living in the Danish capital Copenhagen, a press release from the Chamber of Commerce states.

Her job will be aiding Ukrainian and Danish companies in identifying partners, analysing markets and work out export strategies in addition to helping with the paperwork connected to establishing and registering a company, paying tax etc.


DCFTA, the free trade agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, that initially was a corner stone in the Revolution of Dignity, came into force in 2017. Since then, Ukrainian goods have had an easier way into the EU.

Meanwhile, the recent pandemic has made it a priority for several companies to pull back their production from countries in Asia and place them closer to home, in countries like Ukraine, where labour is cheap and distance is small.

“Ukraine and Denmark has a lot to offer each other as export markets, as production partners, as a basis for recruiting and as sharers of knowledge. Only the sky is the limit,” Leth Møller says.

The initiative to found the Chamber of Commerce was taken by the Ukrainian consul in Denmark, Morten Munk, who is also the owner of the company Mafcon, an outsourcing company in Denmark specializing in Ukraine and the CIS-countries.

Morten Munk is also the founder and owner of Ukraine Nu.