Photo by Kyiv City State Administration

A storm hit Kyiv yesterday. The result was a large amount of rain which hit the city’s metro stations and made it difficult to get around. 

A large and intense storm is making its way over Ukraine. Yesterday, it hit Kyiv, and the heavy rainfalls paralyzed parts of the city, such as the metro. Social media is full of videos showing flooded metro stations, where people are struggling to get around. 

The worst situation appeared at the metro stations Beresteiska and Academmistechko. Kyiv Post writes that some people needed assistance with a latter to be able to get out. 


The heavy rains also affected streets in Kyiv, especially in areas such as Podil, Vynohradar, and Nyvky. However, before Kyiv, the storm passed over other parts of Ukraine, leaving other cities with problems coping with the massive rains. 

The storm also knocked down trees and cables. Kyiv Post writes that Kyivavtodor, the city’s road authority, said Kyiv received a week’s worth of rain in only an hour. 

“The sewage system in Kyiv was physically incapable to take on that much water,” the Kyiv City State Administration said, in a statement, according to Kyiv Post. 


“Today, Kyiv was covered by a heavy downpour – 18 mm of precipitation fell in 30 minutes. This is almost a weekly norm. On the eve of the forecasted rains in each district of the capital, the storm drains were cleaned. And on problem sites, the equipment of hydraulic engineering services was on duty in advance. However, excessive rainfall in a short period of time led to the flooding of streets and sidewalks,” said Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko.