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As the EU remains largely closed, many fly to Egypt and Turkey instead. 

It will soon be summer, and in an ordinary world, people would like to travel and enjoy the summer somewhere lovely. Luckily, several airlines have now reopened flight routes to several destinations. It is made possible because many places now accept negative PCR-tests for travelers, and Egypt and Turkey are the main destinations. 

Ukraine International Airlines will resume flights this week from Kyiv Boryspil to 19 cities worldwide, including Cairo and Instanbul, plus several EU-cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, and London. UBN writes that it is not the only one. 

Ryanair has restarted its service to 18 cities from Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv and Odesa. They plan to reopen several new routes in June. Lufthansa is reported to increasing the number of flights to Kyiv, and Wizz Air, SkyUP, and Air Baltic are also opening several new flights between Kyiv and destinations across the EU. 

“The Lufthansa Group believes in the early recovery of the Ukrainian market. Our customers want to travel again, as they did before the crisis. We see an increase in demand amongst travelers from other continents who want to fly through our hub airports to Ukraine.,” said Rene Koinzach, Lufthansa Group’s regional general director, according to UBN. 

Cyprus ready for Ukrainian tourists

UBN writes that Cyprus now will accept Ukrainian tourists with a negative PCR test, which could turn out to be another popular holiday destination for Ukrainians this year. Previously, Egypt and Turkey have been the most popular holiday destinations for Ukrainian tourists, reports

According to Boryspil’s flight schedule for April, there are scheduled 305 flights to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, 194 to Hurghada in Egypt, 157 to Antalya in Turkey, 130 to Istanbul in Turkey before Dubai with 102 flights. The first EU-city on the list is Amsterdam with 88.

For some, the Covid-19 pandemic is a chance to gather market share from others. CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary said to that they are hoping to pick market share from Lufthansa, among others. 

“I think we would watch Lufthansa’s recovery carefully, and where they leave gaps in that record in that capacity recovery, there’ll be an opportunity for us to deliver further growth, whether that’s at Frankfurt or at other German airports. At this point in time, it’s too early to say,” O’Leary said.