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The event will be free and center around several ways that Ukraine can reach its energy and climate targets in the future. 

How will Ukraine reach its climate targets and get its energy independence? It is some of the questions that the Low Carbon Ukraine Project will try to answer this Wednesday from 10.15 am to 1.45 pm Kyiv time. Today is the last day to sign up.

“On seven-panel discussions, we will debate how Ukraine can reach its climate and energy targets, which were recently updated in the country’s draft second NDC. Many high-level experts and policymakers will join the discussion, among them deputy ministers from the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and the Ukrainian Ministry of the Environment, EU officials and the chairman of the board of Ukraine’s TSO Ukrenergo,” the events says on its website

Ukrainenu has previously highlighted the green energy transition in Ukraine. Ukraine is producing more and more renewable energy, but that has unfortunately not removed the need for dirty energy sources such as coal, creating a dilemma. 

Ten proposals to change everything

Low Carbon Ukraine previously wrote a report with ten proposals to transform the Ukrainian energy sector, and the event on Wednesday will center around them. On Wednesday, the first discussion will be about decarbonizing Ukraine’s steel sector, which uses a lot of energy, often coming from dirty energy sources. 

After that, they are looking at reforming the Ukrainian electricity market and synchronizing Ukraine’s and Europe’s electricity grids, which has been a goal for Ukraine for many years. The event will also touch upon how to phase out the use of coal, where the sector is experiencing lots of problems with expensive coal mines, and what to do with the many workers if they are to close down. 

Other events will look at how to make public buildings energy efficient and increase renewable energy generation through competitive auctioning. Ukrainenu has written about several of these topics before and recommends that you read the following stories before the event to be ready for the discussions. 

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