Foto: Pixabay

No more! The lockdown in Kyiv is to be lifted from Saturday the first of May, bringing back nightlife, restaurants and shopping.

According to the Kyiv Post, many of the quarantine restrictions in Kyiv are going to be lifted on Saturday. That would mean that life in the capital would return to some degree of normalcy again.

First and foremost, public transportation will be made publicly available again, which will take a great stress of the currently overwhelmed roads. Secondly, a lot of businesses will be allowed to operate again.

Dining in cafés, restaurants and bars will be possible again – even indoors. All stores, markets and malls are to be opened again, and gyms will also be allowed to operate as before, leaving the public with less excuses not to work out.

On the fifth of May, schools and kindergartens will also reopen, when the Easter holidays have passed. Still, cafés and bars will have to close at midnight, but Kyiv is taking a major jump from being in the red zone to being in the yellow zone.

Still a lot of new cases

Still, the number of daily registered cases is fairly high. In the past 24 hours, 9590 cases have been registered, though 20,062 patients also recovered in the same period. 441 died with the disease.

Somewhat paradoxical, Kyiv was the place that reported the highest number (1071) in the past 24 hours, however Kyiv is also by far the largest city in Ukraine. Vaccination in Ukraine began in the end of February.

Since then, 558,714 people have gotten the first shot of the vaccine. 19,590 people were vaccinated in Ukraine yesterday. A new batch of vaccines from South Korea arrived on the 23rd of April, while a batch of Pfizer vaccines should arrive in May.

A COVAX supply of Pfizer vaccines (around half a million) are to arrive around the 17th or 18th of May, while vaccines through a direct contract with Pfizer are also expected in May, brining the total number up to almost one million vaccine doses.