Photo by Stefano Ciociola on Unsplash

Some restrictions will remain in place. Read about them below.

Kyiv is leaving the red zone after several weeks under tight lockdown. It means that life in the Ukrainian capital will become more normal, where, among other things, public transportation will start working normally from today. 

However, the city still reported 868 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday, a reminder that the pandemic is far from over, and some restrictions, therefore, remain in place. You will, for example, still need to wear a mask in public transport, need to have an ID on you when outside, and you cannot hold mass events with more than one person per four sq. m.

You will now be able to go to the cinema or theatre again, but only 50 percent of the sitting capacity can be used, which is the same in public transport – by the way. 

No dancing – just yet

Not surprisingly, nightclubs, discos, and other massive festive events are still closed, and restaurants will need to be closed from midnight to seven in the morning for everything except take-away. Restaurants will also need to keep a two-meter distance between tables and not serve more than four people at each table.

Hotels, sanitariums, and health resorts will remain open, according to Unian, while other accommodation institutions will remain closed. There will also remain restrictions in place for schools and other educational institutions, which will now open, but which will have to close down quickly if they have a Covid-19 outbreak. 

On the bright side, public transportation will run again, and shopping malls, entertainment centers, markets, and fitness centers will also open with some restrictions. Even churches will hold sermons again, but they are encouraged to so online or outside during Easter.