Foto: Emil Filtenborg

Work on constructing and repairing roads under the Big Construction Program has started in all regions.

The cold winter weather is bad for road construction and repairing. Luckily, that season is behind us now. Now, construction and repairing of roads in all regions in Ukraine is on the way again, according to Interfax Ukraine.

“This year we continue construction. Even now, I think, if you go by the roads, the highways of Ukraine, you will see that in all regions the reconstruction of roads, old roads, which have not been reached for many years, has already started,” Deputy Head of the President’s Office, coordinator of Big Construction Kyrylo Tymoshenko said.

This year, thousands of kilometres of road are to be either built or repaired, and in addition plans for the Zaporizhia bridge and the “flagship project” the M30 Stryi-Izvaryne road are to be undertaken in 2021.

Last year, the plan was to build or upgrade 4,200 kilometres of road. They didn’t completely reach the target but ended with 93 percent of the roads finished, when winter came.

In 2021, according to the plan, 6,800 kilometres of road are to be built. In addition to that, 150 bridges, a major ring road in Kyiv and a major bridge project over the Dnipro River are to be rebuilt.

Infrastructure is good investment

The people spending most time on the roads must in all likelihood be the cargo truckers, criss crossing the world with our goods. Naturally, this investment plan is well received among the freight companies.

Last year, Ukraine Nu interviewed CEO of ICT A/S, a Danish transport and logistics company operating in Ukraine and the CIS countries, and he stated that infrastructure is “alfa-omega.”

“The transport industry is jubilantly happy every time we invest in the infrastructure we need. There is a lack of quality in Ukraine. There are roads, but they are potholes, and that costs a lot of money. Cars and trucks are being destroyed, people are being injured and hospitals are being filled up, so it is definitely good to start building good infrastructure, ”says Leif Pedersen.

According to Leif Pedersen, the infrastructure investments in Poland has been a great part of their quick recovery from the former Iron Curtain country they were in the 90’ies to the relatively strong economic power it is today.