Ukraine has registered 23,572 new cases of COVID-19 in the past day, and while that is a very high number, there are good news to be found in the statistics.

23,572 new cases of the corona virus was registered in the past 24 hours. While the number indicates that the recent restrictions have not been super effective, there are numbers indicating that it might be going in the right direction. While 23,000 people got the virus, 25,415 patients recovered from it.

Naturally, this means that today, there are 2000 less active cases of COVID-19 in Ukraine than yesterday. 695 unfortunate souls died from the virus in the same time frame. But still, pressure remains on the healthcare system, where 4,564 was admitted to the hospitals around Ukraine.

In terms of vaccinations, the progress is slow but undeniable. Almost 300,000 people got either the first or second shot of the vaccine in the past day, pushing the total number of Ukrainians with at least one shot of the vaccine above 12 million people, which is a more than 25 percent.

3.2 million people in Ukraine has had the virus at some point since the pandemic. 76,302 of them died.