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Rumours about EU plans to suspend the visa-free regime with Ukraine has been dubbed fake news by the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. If true, it would hinder the mobility of Ukrainian labour and tourists. In turn, it is likely that a decision like that would also make it harder for EU citizens to go to Ukraine.

For a couple of days, a rumour about the European Union planning to shut down the visa-free regime with several countries including Ukraine and Moldova has been making rounds. But it is simply not true, said the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, according to Kyiv Post.

“Reading this news was just as unexpected for me as it was for everyone,” Steinmeier said: “I asked about this in Berlin and at the Federal Interior Ministry and found out that this was not real news. This is fake news.”

The whole ordeal started on September 29, when EU Observer referred to an internal EU document saying that the visa-free travel regime should be suspended for citizens of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and several Balkan countries. Behind the idea was German, French and Italian EU politicians, seemingly.

Might happen anyway

Though the German President has dubbed it fake news, it might still happen, and it is definitely worth following. First of all, it is not certain that Frank Walter Steinmeier and the German Government is aware of everything going on in Brussels. Second of all, thought the idea was to shut out the countries due to violations of migration laws, a similar situation could arise for Ukraine again.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic made it to the European Continent, Ukraine has frequently found itself on several red lists, barred from entry. This is a situation that is likely to arise again, as Ukraine continues to struggle with a large number of daily registered cases and a low public enthusiasm about the vaccines.

Today, for instance, more than 12,000 people were tested positive for COVID-19. The test frequency has gone up. Around 90,000 PCR tests were conducted and analysed, meaning that around one out of seven tests are positive. Secondly, as Ukraine Nu have previously described, the amount of daily registered cases right now is only going one way: Up.

The graph is not completely up to date, but it shows the tendency well enough.