Tomorrow, a flight ban on all Belarusian aircraft will be in effect.

The Ukrainian government has banned the use of Ukrainian airspace by Belarusian aircrafts. This means that no Belarusian plane will be allowed to land in Ukraine or even cross the country for transit flights.

Earlier this week, Ukraine stopped all flights between the two countries, but the new flight ban is different than the previous one, because it also disallows Belarusian aircraft from using the Ukrainian airspace.

A lot of Belarusians have been flooding into Ukraine since the protests started. They will not be able to do that directly right now. For Ukrainians, visiting Minsk is obviously out of the question, but Belavia – the Belarusian airline company – was one of the few stable connections from Kyiv to Moscow.

The route had a layover in Minsk, which has now been made impossible. There are still carriers, that will take Ukrainians and people living in Ukraine to Russia, of course, but this might change the plans of a lot of people.

The airspace dispute is a consequence of Belarus forcing a Ryanair flight from Athens to Vilnius to reroute to Minsk. After they rerouted, Belarusian authorities arrested a prominent opposition figure leading to international outcry.