Foto: Emil Filtenborg.

A brand new diplomatic initiative by the Zelensky administration started today: The Crimean Platform.

Ukraine wants Crimea back. That is about as shortly as that can be told. In order to get back the peninsula, the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky has initiated a new diplomatic programme that aims to rise the costs of the Russian annexation of the Black Sea peninsula that has exchanged blue and yellow flags with red, white and blue since 2014.

And the guest list is a heavy one. Presidents from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Slovenia, and Finland  and the president of the European Council are meeting with the prime ministers of Romania, Georgia, Croatia, and Sweden, while Switzerland and the Czech Republic sent their speakers of parliament. Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and North Macedonia sent ministers of foreign affairs. Britain and Portugal will be represented by defense ministers. The U.S. delegation with a presidential status will be represented by the energy secretary. Germany also delegated the energy minister.

The meetings, talks and speeches can be seen live right now on YouTube:

Ukraine Nu will write a summary of the event, as soon as it is over.