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The COVID19 pandemic continues to settle deeper and deeper into the daily lives of Ukrainians.

Record breaking 289 people have died from COVID19 in the past 24 hours, Kyiv Post writes. The number of hospitalizations are ever on the rise, and the number of registered cases sit firmly above 10,000 a day.

There is no doubt that the COVID19 pandemic is tightening the grip on Ukrainian society, and though economic forecasts look positive, reality right now looks like the country is heading for another lockdown.

As of today, PhD Fedir Lapii from the National Technical Group of Experts on Immunization said that tougher lockdown regulations might be decided on by the end of this week, news agency Unian writes.

They are not the first to warn about a new quarantine creeping in on Ukraine. Last week, Minister of Health, Maxim Stepanov said that Ukraine would have to enter a full lockdown, if the number of regions in the red zone exceeded 12 out of 24. He has since reformulated this threshold to be between 50 to 70 percent of the regions.

No solution in sight

Yet again a new survey has been published further strengthening the idea that Ukraine is going to struggle with COVID19 for a lot longer than necessary. In the survey, 60 percent of the 1207 respondents said, they were not ready to get the vaccine.

Yesterday the first Ukrainian ever received the second jab with the vaccine, and in total 9840 people got a dose of the vaccine yesterday. That brings the total number of inoculated Ukrainians to just under 72,000 people.

There is still quite a way to go for Ukraine to reach the magical threshold of 70 percent, that is commonly believed to translate into herd immunity. However, lately, the vaccination process has been picking up.

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