Foto: Emil Filtenborg

The well-known book market in Kyiv, Petrivka near the Pochaina Metro Station is to be torn down. Taking it’s place will be a new shopping mall.

Lodged in between the two popular districts of Podil and Obolon, the Petrivka book market and the adjoining flea market has been a popular spot for local hagglers, tourists and collectors for years on end. But it seems, that the Kyiv City Administration has other plans for the area, reports The Kyiv Independent.

Instead of the old, worn-down market, plans of building a large shopping complex has been approved. Located on the edge of Stepan Bandera Avenue, it is going to be in sharp competition with Blockbuster Mall which is very close by and the older Dream Town in Obolon, which is but a metro stop away.

According to the Kyiv Independent, nine more shopping centres are opening in this and next year in Kyiv, if everything goes according to plan. The mall is but one example of the gentrification process, that Kyiv is going through. Naturally, it comes with positive and negative effects, but for many, Petrivka Book Market will be missed.

A place to hunt for Soviet Artifacts

On Petrivka, not just books are sold. There is a wide selection of old Soviet artifacts like the old Kyiv cameras, furniture, statues of Lenin and medals and military equipment. Some of it is fake, some is the real deal, but for those with the knowledge, the flea market is a bottomless treasure trove.

The market is well worth a visit, if the plans are actually going to be realised and the market is going to be torn down. If you go there, you should expect to haggle for the wares, as the sellers will smell out foreigners and profits from a mile away. Especially cameras like the Kyiv and the Zenit are available for prices well below the average online retail place.

To get to Petrivka, simply take a taxi there or go by metro to Pochaina Metro Station. The metro station has exits marked as the “book market,” which will take you to the edge of the market. Go past the stores with books and paper to get to the flea market, which is only active during the weekends.