Foto af Samuel Branch hos Unsplash

One of the highest ranking officials in the Biden Administration is visiting Ukraine. But what does that even mean?

The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is visiting Ukraine on today and tomorrow. In light of the recent tensions with Russia, but also the strained relationship between Ukraine and the international partners, the meeting could be a mixed bag for Ukraine.

First of all, the Biden Administration is brand new and need insights about Ukrainian affairs. What is going on with the democratic reforms? What about the energy sector and judicial reform? What about corruption, and what is happening with the occupied territories.

Secondly, Unian writes, it might be about further US assistance to Ukraine. First and foremost, financial aid to continue the process of reforming the country and support for the Ukrainian army through joint exercises and supply of weaponry.

Unian has asked two experts, what might happen. Political analyst Taras Chornovil said:

“Zelensky will also be reminded of everything related to ‘deoligarchization,’ and his toxic entourage will be in special focus. The case involving Giuliani is gaining momentum, and the evidence in this case includes, for example, the head of the Ukrainian President’s Office … Therefore, I think there will be many questions in this regard,” Chornovil says: “During this visit, Ukrainian authorities should expect a serious ‘cold shower.’ There will be some ‘carrot’ though, as well, on the issues of security policy.”