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After a two hour long video summit between the two presidents of the US and Russia, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, nothing concrete has been announced that would change anything regarding the rising tensions on Russia’s western borders.

A two hour long summit between the two world leaders Joe Biden and his Eastern counterpart Vladimir Putin brought nothing new to the table – at least nothing that would ease the minds of the people fearing an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. The White House has been sharing a bare minimum of information.

The Russian news agency Tass, which have strong ties to the Kremlin, however, have published a little more information. According to Tass, both parties admitted that the cooperation between US and Russia remains “unsatisfactory,” as Tass puts it. Naturally, the two countries have had their disputes over the past years.

Russia believes all the current commotion to be the consequence of “the course of the US government that as long as five years ago started to practice large-scale restrictions, bans and massive expulsions of Russian diplomats.”

Meanwhile, according to Ukraine Business News, the number of Russian soldiers close to Ukraine has risen from 94,000 to 175,000. The White House has said, they will provide Ukraine with arms, if Russia attacks. According to the US, the Germans will shut down the Nord Stream 2 project if it happens.

The ongoing crisis with the rising number of troops has been happening for one and a half month now, since alarms were first raised in late October, where US intelligence claimed to have data indicating a very likely attack on the way. As always, there are many theories on what is going to happen.

They range from “it is a Russian bluff,” to “Russia is going to launch a blitz attack on Ukraine taking everything east of the Dnepr River.” All – or most of – the people believing in a major escalation of the conflict think it is going to happen in late January, when the ground is completely frozen.