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US President Joe Biden and Volodimir Zelensky had a phone call on Monday in which Biden invited Zelensky to come visit.

Yesterday, President Biden and President Zelensky had a phone call in advance of Biden’s Eurotrip this summer. In the coming days, president Biden is expected to meet several leaders on the European Continent including Vladimir Putin.

Biden meeting with Putin before Zelensky has raised eyebrows in the Ukrainian commentator community. Some people fear that Russia and the US is to decide what lies ahead for Ukraine without Ukraine being a part of the discussions.

Secondly, many people following the political situation in and around Ukraine have been worried because Biden decided to waiver several of the sanctions implemented against the construction of Nord Stream 2.

However, Biden allegedly promised Zelensky to stand firm and protect Ukrainian sovereignty, Unian writes.

“They had the opportunity to talk at some length about all of the issues in the U.S.-Ukraine relationship and President Biden was able to tell President Zelensky that he will stand up firmly for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and its aspirations as we go forward,” said Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security advisor.

A U.S. administration source apparently told Axios the White House was considering inviting Zelensky to Washington before Biden’s summit with Putin. It was declined because of the recent changes in Naftogaz.

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