Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

The unfriendly relationship between Ukraine and Belarus is getting deeper, with Belarus now singling Ukrainian products out for added taxation.

The air between Ukraine and Belarus is so cold right now, that it could give a dragon frostbite. Today, Ukraine closed off Ukrainian airspace for Belarusian aircraft. In turn, the Belarusians have slammed extra taxes on Ukrainian products, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

“According to recent information, Belarus has introduced an individual licensing regime for the import of a number of Ukrainian goods: confectionery, chocolate, juice, beer, chipboard and fiberboard, wallpaper, toilet paper and packaging, bricks, ceramic tiles, glass ampoules, agricultural machinery for sowing, washing cars and furniture. This decision was approved by resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No. 292 dated May 26,” Deputy Economy Minister and Trade Representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka wrote on Facebook Friday.

“Such actions are groundless and discriminatory. The individual licensing regime means manual control over the import of Ukrainian products to Belarus. The government is consulting with manufacturers to eliminate the negative consequences of the discriminatory actions of the Belarusian government,” Kachka said.