Zhovten Cinema in the hip Podil district in Kyiv. Foto: Emil Filtenborg.

In a week, the Molodist film festival in Kyiv will open the doors to new, Ukrainian cinema for the 50th time.

In 1970 the Molodist film festival first opened its doors to the public. Now it does so for the 50th time next Saturday, where movie addicts can enjoy both Ukranian and international movies, workshops and parties for a full week.

“This year, we are not only celebrating 50 years of «Molodist», but also the 30th anniversary of independent Ukraine, so the focus of the film festival will be the promotion of Ukrainian cinema,” says Hib Rodchenkov, the Director of Development and Public Communications in a press release.

Molodist is the oldest film festival in Ukraine, but it is still trying to keep relevant with different competitions and themed blocks Sunny Bunny, featuring movies about LGBT issues, and Molodist Teen Screen focusing on movies for the 10 to 14-year-olds.

Most of the festival will take place in Zhovten Cinema on Kostiantynivska 26 in Podil, the hipster district of Kyiv. Regular tickets are priced at 1000 uah. Tickets for separate movies will be sold from Monday at 80 uah a piece.

Scandinavian Panorama

This year, several Scandinavian films will be featured at the Molodist festival: Shop, a Swedish film about addiction to shopping, Psychosis in Stockholm, another Swedish film, and the Danish films The Penultimate and 7 Years of Lukas Graham.

Finland is also represented by two movies. Laughing Matters, a movie about an unemployed woman who turns to stand-up comedy, and the documentary Aalto, about the famous architecht of the same name.

Even Iceland is represented with the movie Backyard Village, but no Norwegian films are to be found in the current program. The trailer for Backyard Village can be seen here: