Photo by Laurenz Heymann on Unsplash

You can find unofficial Apple shops around Ukraine, but the U.S. tech giant is now going to open an actual office in Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov announced yesterday that Apple will soon open an office in Ukraine. It will make it possible for Apple to better control stores around the country and for the company to import its products directly to Ukraine, says the minister, according to Kyiv Post

“Apple’s presence will strengthen the image of Ukraine on the international market and will help to attract investments in the future,” Fedorov said.

The move by Apple has been expected for some time and has been a poorly kept secret after the company in May started looking for employees. It is still unknown how many people will work at the office and how it will affect local Apple dealers. Still, the move comes after other international companies such as Swedish Ikeas have opened stores in Ukraine. 

It can be beneficial for tax purposes

Kyiv Post writes that Apple’s decision to move to Ukraine can be purely for tax purposes. By registering a company in Ukraine, Apple can avoid a new 20 percent value-added tax on non-residential tech companies. Apple already registered Apple Ukraine in July 2020 but is now just starting to open its office in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. 

The head of the company is supposed to be Peter Denwood. He is the director of international corporate law at Apple and previously worked for Baker McKenzie, according to his Linkedin profile

Today, people can only get their Apple products serviced in unofficial shops, but that might change now and mean a better service for the Ukrainian customers.