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The international tech giant Amazon will help Ukrainian education in the IT sphere while implementing the plans of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

The Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, seems proud to have signed a deal with international tech giant Amazon. According to Interfax-Ukraine, Amazon will help Ukraine with development of cloud technologies, digital transformation and innovation.

“Another global technology giant has begun to work in Ukraine. The beginning of our cooperation is a positive signal to other large international companies and brands that it is possible and necessary to enter Ukraine,” Fedorov said according to Interfax.

Most notably, the Ukrainian universities will be allowed access to the AWS Academy Program free of charge. Amazon Web Services, AWS, is a cloud service with hundreds of functionalities. Though some businesses, experts and activists are calling the use of Amazon products immoral, AWS remains an attractive platform for programmers and businesses.

The arrangement between Amazon and Ukraine is not really clear at the moment, but it sounds like Ukraine has paid Amazon to help with development of Ukrainian government systems while also opening their e-learning opportunities for young developers in the universities.

It is unclear what the contract says about the price, how long AWS Academy will be available for the universities and which programs will be developed between Amazon and the Ministry of Digital Transformation.