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The colour coded quarantine regime continues through to March next year. The Cabinet of Ministers has prolonged the adaptive quarantine, which would otherwise end with this year.

The adaptive quarantine has been prolonged, and thus, Ukrainians and people living in Ukraine will have to concern themselves with the colour coding of their regions for a little while long. The Cabinet of Ministers has prolonged the adaptive quarantine until March 31, the Kyiv Independent reports.

The colour attributed to the region determines the harshness of the quarantine restrictions with red zones being the most strict. Most of the country is currently living in the yellow zones, with only eight regions remaining in the red zones. Roughly two weeks ago, a new set of rules came into force.

In the yellow zones, companies can only keep working if their staff and clients can prove that they have been either vaccinated, recovered from the disease recently, or that they have a negative test from the past 72 hours. Roughly a third of Ukrainians are vaccinated as of now, and the country is still struggling with widespread vaccine scepticism.

10,000 cases

In the past 24 hours, Ukraine has registered 9,590 new cases of the coronavirus. With  umbers like that it seems that Ukraine is slowly but surely getting the pandemic under control, but it is still hard to figure out, how many tests have been conducted. According to Ukrinform, the state news agency, 16.4 million tests have been conducted.

That is roughly enough to have tested 40 percent of the population once since the outbreak of the pandemic, which is a very low test frequency over time. To compare, Denmark has conducted around 100,000,000 tests on a population that is one eighth of Ukraine’s size since the beginning of the pandemic.

142,926 people were vaccinated yesterday. The pace of vaccination has dropped considerably, but is still progressing. In the past 24 hours, 355 COVID-related deaths were registered. 2000 people were hospitalized and 25.499 recoveries were registered across the country.